Dry Cleaning 

Premium level cleaning service

Every item is carefully inspected, dry cleaned, pressed and hand packed. We offer a dry cleaning service following the garment manufacturer's cleaning instructions to detail as well as using the latest equipment and processing techniques, paired with expert knowledge, to ensure that all items receive our best attention.

The Process

No compromise on quality

  1. Garments are carefully inspected as a pre-spotting treatment for removal of mud, fluff and hairs.
  2. Each item undergoes a specialist 'spotting' procedure, using our tailored chemicals for stain removal. Premium service is available for extreme and more delicate cases, using a treatment called 'Dipping'.
  3. All garments are steamed to reshape, softening creases and linings. This is followed by expert hand-pressing and hand-finishing steaming, to ensure your garments are returned at the highest quality.
  4. Each item goes through quality control for creases, fluff and other respective irregularities.
  5. All items are hand-packed, dust protected using garment covers and protective wrap.


Stain Removal

A signature KINGSMIR service

A truly unique offering from KINGSMIR is the unparalleled stain removal, 'spotting', procedure. What differentiates us from our competitors is our expertise in this field. Specialists cannot guarantee the removal of stains, but rest-assured our expert in-house knowledge, drawn from several decades of practice, allows us to be equipped with the leading techniques to combat stains. At KINGSMIR we maintain a fine balance between results and safety, take a look at some of our testimonials or past efforts, our work speaks for itself!





Any Questions?:

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Make sense of cleaning labels here

Make sense of cleaning labels here

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