£2.50 each • 5+ Offer £2.00 EACH

Shirts undergo a stain 'spotting' procedure, using specialist chemicals for stain removal. This is followed by our signature 'Collar Cuff Scrub' to ensure that all problem areas are appropriately treated and prepared prior to washing. 

Once washed, they are extracted whilst still slightly damp. A modern state-of-the-art shirt press machine, ensuring each shirt is crisp 'like-new'. Each shirt is then undergoes quality control checks and is hand finished to customer specifications.

Shirts can be returned on hangers or folded (£2.75 each), a particularly popular option for customers who travel.




Weekends aren't for chores

For many of us, bed linens and general laundry is a massive drag on our weekend. Your Sundays are for family, food and fun, so focus on the things that really matter and let us deal with the rest! 

Bed linens are washed in the highest quality, premium washing detergents and softeners. Our sophisticated sheet press machine uses hot plates to beautifully crisp up your bedding, so you can sleep in sweet bliss!

We spend nearly a third our lives in bed so its no wonder experts suggest cleaning duvets and pillows once every two to three months. Let our experts handle it and have your bed feeling fresh and clean. 

How does never having to worry about washing your clothes sound? Order our service wash option and we'll have your laundry back in no time, beautifully scented and clean