Rugs & Upholstery

At KINGSMIR we offer a home interior cleaning service on a range of household items such as: curtains, rugs, duvets, pillows, bedding, cushion covers and general upholstery.

Regular, thorough upholstery and curtain cleaning can freshen and restore your fabrics and add to the life of your curtains, sofa, armchair and other soft furnishings.

Carpets too?

The regular vacuum cleaner is powerless against buried dirt and grime. Not only does this encourage bacteria growth, but it leads to discolouration and destruction of the carpet pile.

As a result we offer certified Hagerty carpet products, to revitalise your carpets.

The Hagerty Spray Extraction MachinE is so easy to use!

In conjunction with the Hagerty extraction machine, our product offerings include:

  • Hagerty 5* Carpet Shampoo - Pre-cleans to loosen dirt and grime for more effective cleaning. Defoams to facilitate the removal of old residue and ensure maximum suction power – when used in conjunction with the extraction machine.

  • Hagerty S.O.S Cleaner - In any home, mishaps are unavoidable and it is wise to have Hagerty S.O.S. cleaner always on hand. Immediate use will help remove spots and stains and overcome unpleasant odours. Hagerty S.O.S. cleaner is also recommended for pre-cleaning of spots and stains before spray-extraction.



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